Climate and Environment Reference Group

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Our Climate and Environment Reference group is a place for passionate locals to meet and discuss on-the-ground projects that will help to limit Cooper's emissions, protect and restore our local environment and contibute to the global climate movement. 

If you'd like to stay in the loop about future meetings, join our climate reference group or hear about their wonderful work please fill in the form at the bottom of this page. We'll make sure that you're added to the email list.



A few of our local climate and environment groups have provided their details to help Cooper locals get involved in some local environmental action. Feel free to reach out to these groups if you're interested!


Doctors for the Environment Australia

Medical students and doctors from across Australia working to protect health through care of the environment

Contact: Katherine Barraclough at [email protected] or on 0411961349



A research and strategy group for catalysing the transition to a safe climate/sustainable future at emergency speed.

Contact: Philip Sutton at [email protected] or on 03 9078 9746


Sustainability Discussion Group

Discussion group formed by Alphington residents concerned with how we can create a sustainable world for future generations and the natural world, both which are inextricably linked.

Contact: Anthony (Llew) Morgan at [email protected] or on 0410440762


Wild Darebin

This Facebook Group aims to share information about local flora and fauna in Darebin and the surrounding areas

Contact: Linda Bradburn at [email protected] or on 0467240740