The importance of renewable energy

The importance of renewable energy Main Image

Labor has an ambitious plan to address the climate emergency, reduce emissions and cut power prices – the Powering Australia Plan. Climate change is the number one issue for people in our community. I’ve spent much of my life fighting for strong climate action, and I’m proud that a Labor Government will take the real action needed to reach net zero by 2050 and rapidly transition to renewables.

Our plan will:

  • Reduce emissions by 43% by 2030;
  • Reach 82% renewable energy by 2030;
  • Cut power bills by $275 a year for the average home;
  • Create 600,000 jobs by investing in renewables and future industries;
  • Introduce an electric vehicle discount;
  • Build 85 solar banks and 400 community batteries across Australia; and
  • Bring accountability back to climate action, restoring the role of the Climate Change Authority.

Australia can be a renewables superpower and a global leader in climate action – our plan will get us there. Right here in Cooper a Labor Government will build a community battery in Alphington. This will mean access to cheaper, cleaner energy for residents in the area, and will get the ball rolling on community-backed renewable energy. We’ve seen just how much Labor governments can do on climate action here in Victoria – and if elected to Government, we’ll finish the job in Canberra.