Secure jobs with decent pay

Secure jobs with decent pay Main Image

Every day I hear from people who are struggling through insecure work and stagnant wages. For many, this has only been made worse by the impacts of the pandemic and the Morrison Government’s lack of action.

Prices are going up: groceries, petrol, electricity - and at the same time jobs have become less secure and more fragmented. People are working harder but wages aren’t increasing. And with many people having trouble paying rent, the dream of owning a home feels well and truly out of reach.

I’ve spent my career fighting for better pay and conditions for workers – first as head of the Nurses’ Union and then as President of the ACTU. I know that when we stand up for working people, we stand up for a fairer, more equitable and more prosperous Australia.

That’s why I’m proud Labor has a Secure Jobs Plan to tackle the scourge of secure work and casualisation, and to get wage growth back on track.