Closing the Loopholes

Labor has always been about supporting workers.

That’s why we’ve passed legislation to close the loopholes used by far too many employers to exploit their employees.

Closing the Loopholes will:

  • Criminalise wage theft and penalise employers who purposely steal money from their employees with up to 10 years in prison and $7.8 million in fines.
  • Make sure labour-hire workers are paid at least the wages laid out for permanent employees in their enterprise agreement – it’s only fair to existing employees and labour-hire contractors.
  • Better support first responders suffering the effects of PTSD by streamlining the workers’ compensation claims process.
  • Strengthen discrimination protections for employees who have been, or are being, subjected to domestic and family violence.

As an ex-President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions I will never stop fighting for workers.

You can watch my speech to parliament about this legislation here.